Request a Song

If there is a particular song you want to hear or sing, let us know via the form below. Before you do, though, read our rules:

No Ballads

We will not play ballads, or any non-suitable genres.

No Downers

We will not play songs that will bring down the evening. We want it to be a party, not a funeral!

We Cant Play What We Don’t Have

There is a searchable database of our songs at the bottom of the page – for both DJ and Karaoke. If your song isn’t on that list, then there is no way of us playing it (Obviously).

No Repeats

If we have played a song already that evening, it will not be played again.

No Guarantees

Just because you requested it, doesn’t mean it will be played. We get dozens of requests, and we only get time to play the best songs.

Don’t Be A Dick

We have had people scream and get physically abusive because we didn’t play the song they wanted, when they wanted it. Don’t be like that. Ever.

We Take Bribes

If you want to bribe us… I mean buy us a drink, do so via this button – we’ll be eternally grateful.

Our Songbooks

Search the catalogues below for the songs you want to hear or sing!

DJ Song Book