The Rules

  • IF YOU MAKE 100 REQUESTS, BE PREPARED TO WAIT - People who have not sung yet get up first.

  • WE CAN'T PLAY WHAT WE DON'T HAVE - There is a searchable database of our songs at below. If your song isn’t on that list, then there is no way of us playing it (Obviously).

  • NO GUARANTEES - Just because you requested a song doesn't mean we can put you on stage when you want. Want a tip to get on quicker? Choose a great crowd-pleasing song!

  • DON'T BE A DICK - We have had people scream and get physically abusive. Why? Because we didn’t get them on stage the minute they wanted to. Don’t be like that. Ever.

  • WE TAKE BRIBES - If you want to bribe us… I mean buy us a drink, do so via the button below – we’ll be eternally grateful and ignore any of the above rules!

    Request to Sing

      Karaoke Songbook